Customizable Pride Pin
Customizable Pride Pin
Customizable Pride Pin - Pin Ace

Customizable Pride Pin

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A first of its kind! If intersectionality is important to you, then this is the pin you've been looking for. Mix and match the top and bottom half of the pin that best fits you. Order multiples so you can switch how you're feeling day to day. The Customizable Pride Pin collection is as fluid and flexible as you are!

This high quality, hard enamel pin allows you to proudly express your individuality, identity, and style and is sure to last.

Bright, true colors will allow your lapel to pop from both up close and far away and will compliment your favourite hat, shirt, or backpack.

Durable rubber clasp allows for easy application and a secure grip that will hold for ages.

Pin-Ace has paired with the best manufacturers to ensure your accessories are defect free and are built to last.

A hard enamel pin from Pin-Ace will add a splash of personality and colour to any outfit or accessory!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

absolutely amazing, the pins are beautiful. i’m gonna get them for all my friends!

Hannah Battles
Definitely recommend

Good quality pins that make me feel happy because they represent me. There was a personalized note in the package as well. It did take a while to arrive but it was worth it

Love these pins

So what I want to say first are these pins are of great quality. They have a very nice shine, and the colours are really pretty. The backs of these pins are thick and won't bend easy. They also come with rubber backing which I absolutely love. I also love that the Ying and Yan has so many options to choose from for pride combinations. I definitely recommend.

Practically Perfect Pride Pins

These are quality pins; with some recommended trimming of the rubber backs they fit together perfectly. I have two pieces of advice: 1) Put them together on a table and press the fabric down on them for an easy tight fit between two pins. 2) Carry the card they come on with you because you WILL be asked where you got them!

Hanlon McGregor

I'm so happy with the pins I ordered for myself and my partner. It was wonderful to choose from so many options so that we could get a set each that expressed our individual identities within the queer spectrum. These are sturdy, beautiful and will be treasured for a long time to come. One thing that didn't work for me was that the rubber backs came off easily when I had the pins on the strap of my bag. I will be ordering some metal pin-backs shortly - but other than that, these are exactly as I hoped they would be. Order with confidence if you are considering them!

Sorry to hear you are having that experience with the rubber backs! One unfortunate reality of e-commerce is that the more 'steps' you put into the process for a customer, like selecting what kind of pin back they want, the more likely it is for that customer to not complete their purchase. So, while offering additional choice might seem to make for a better experience, for many customers it ends up being a worse experience. As a result, I decided the best middle-course of action was to stock one type of pin back that appeals to the widest number of customers. Because a number of purchasers were buying pins to wear on articles of clothing or hats, the metal pin backs were not a good choice for them since they're much less comfortable to wear. The butterfly clutches are especially frustrating and difficult for some people to manipulate, and they often pinch when trying to use them. The locking pinbacks are a great choice for customers who are looking to keep a pin on the same place for a long time, especially something that is frequently spun around and picked up like a backpack or the strap of a messenger bag, but they were also much more expensive and serve the needs of a relatively small number of my customers. So I made the difficult, but only practical, decision I could and stocked rubber pinbacks. Thankfully, locking pin backs are not much of an investment if it means you can enjoy your new pins!