Sass D&D "Stat" Pin

Sass D&D "Stat" Pin

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The perfect gift for the sass master at your Dungeons and Dragons table! This high quality hard enamel pin tells the world that you are the best of the best when it comes to verbal lashings and witty comebacks. 

This high quality, hard enamel pin allows you to proudly express your individuality, identity, and style and is sure to last.

Bright, true colors will allow your lapel to pop from both up close and far away and will compliment your favourite hat, shirt, or backpack.

Durable rubber clap allows for easy application and a secure grip that will hold for ages.

Pin-Ace has paired with the best manufacturers to ensure your accessories are defect free and are built to last.

A hard enamel pin from Pin-Ace will add a splash of personality and colour to any outfit or accessory!